We've been in the pizza industry for a while.

Over the years we have continuously developed our craft, striving for perfection. Because at Sol Pie, it's about more than just a pizza that tastes good. Lots of people can make a good tasting pizza. But that wasn't enough for us. We realized we needed to embrace what is authentic to us and to be a part of a bigger picture.

So we became advocates in the food industry.

We've done the hard work of sourcing our ingredients from trusted sources to bring only the best to your table. We aren't just here to run a pizza shop—we are here to be a positive influence to our children, to you and your family, and to our community and to the world. That's the bigger picture to us...

A passion for food that makes life better.


Family and SOL Pie Pizza—our two passions.

YOU + SOL PIE PIZZA= Happiness!

YOU + SOL PIE PIZZA= Happiness!