Yes, pizza is the art of life (or at least it is to us!). This is where we have fun and try out unique combinations. You may see a popular pie from last year or a seasonal pie. Sometimes we’ll play it safe with your favorite toppings, and other times we'll get crazy creative and take your tastebuds on a wild ride. We jot ideas, brainstorm, talk, listen, and invent. In other words, we let the magic happen.


March’s Pizza of the month

the dubliner is back

Corned Beef, Dubliner Cheese, Peppadew Peppers, Coleslaw, Russian Dressing

  • Garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil

  • HOuse Brined and braised corned beef, made with local, grass-fed brisket

  • Kerrigold’s grass-fed dubliner irish cheese

  • All natural peppadew peppers

  • House made organic coleslaw

  • drizzled with house made organic russian dressing

Pizza making is part of a transmission; it’s almost spiritual. Dough is a living thing; it has a life cycle that goes from birth to consumption, with stages in between like childhood to adulthood. A good pizza maker has to honor this...