Organic doesn’t necessarily have to mean “certified organic”. We look for local suppliers with all natural farming methods because many local farmers cannot afford to become “certified”.

What does ‘All Natural’ really mean anyway? Well, it should mean what is says but, unfortunately, in this crazy game of what-is-this and what-is-that, all natural does not always mean what it should. So, let’s rephrase this—what does ‘All Natural’ mean when we use it?

It means we don’t use questionable ingredients, we stay away from um “natural” flavoring, caramel coloring, soy, MSG, aspartame

Some of the local farmers we support are not certified organic so we’ll use the phrase “all natural” to convey that it is the way nature intended it to be;  Non-GMO, No Herbicides, or Pesticides.  

Food is not simply organic fuel to keep the body and soul together, it is a perishable art that must be savored at the peak of perfection.
  • Our grilled chicken breast is “Certified Organic”, Free-Range Chicken which never contain antibiotics. The chickens are fed a strict, non-GMO, vegan diet. 
  • We use All Natural, Nitrate-Free pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and ham brought to us by an ethical supplier which demands that it's suppliers uphold the highest animal treatment standards in the industry.
  • We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively. That means no GMO filled canola or soy oils. 
  • Our lettuce, basil, spinach and arugula are always local and organic.
  • All of our cheeses are all natural. No fillers, absolutely no additives whatsoever. 
  • We purchase local produce when in season.

Our ingredient list is completely transparent. We have learned so much these last six years and the wealth of information can be, at times, overwhelming. We are never beyond friendly conversation to help us become better food warriors. We're in this together!