Thank you for your interest in SOL Pie Pizza. The following will outline the process and steps that are required to be considered for a SOL Pie Pizza Franchise:

1. Complete this Franchise Application.

2. A separate Franchise Application should be completed by each applicant.

3. Upon receipt, we will review and evaluate your application and, if approved, provide you a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”).

4. We may provide you with a FDD in hard copy or electronic format. If the FDD is furnished electronically, it will be provided in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

5. Upon receipt of the FDD, please complete and sign the final two pages of the document entitled “Receipt.” Once completed and signed, return the Receipt entitled “Our Copy” to the address indicated above.

6. It is recommended that you review the SOL Pie Pizza FDD with your attorney and business advisors.

Under no circumstances does the submittal of your application to SOL Pie Pizza or its subsequent review and processing imply, in any manner, our intention to offer you a Franchise. You are not accepted as a SOL Pie Pizza Franchisee unless and until you and SOL Pie Pizza execute a Franchise Agreement.

SOL Pie Pizza does not guarantee the financial performance of any Franchisee or business. The decision to become a SOL Pie Pizza Franchisee and to open a SOL Pie Pizza Franchise must be based upon your independent research and analysis.

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