We use fresh, naturally-grown, organic, local produce and ONLY work with  farmers whose produce is grown locally without chemicals. 



 The Harvest Salad


A base of organic spring mix & baby kale

topped with organic, quinoa, house-roasted butternut squash brushed with 100% extra virgin olive oil, organic Gala apples, organic raw pumpkin seeds, all natural goat cheese and served with a side of house-made apple cider vinaigrette (or any of our organic, house-made dressings). 


Not only is this delicious salad super tasty but it is loaded with vitamins and powerful antioxidants. So let's
 celebrate fall by enjoying delicious food that boosts our immune systems. We'll call that a win-win! 

purple potaoes .PNG

Purple Potato Passion

They're back! Our beautiful, local, organically-grown purple potatoes from Pegasus Farm. We will have a seasonal potato basket served with our house-made, organic ranch or jalapeño ranch dressing. This is one fall treat you don't want to miss! Feel free to swap them out for rice in your bowls or toss some in one of our delicious, locally-sourced salads. 


Purple potatoes are rich in the antioxidant, anthocyanin. This flavonoid is most often found in  blue, red and purple produce such as berries and pomegranates and has been shown to be an immune system booster and aid in the prevention of certain cancers. 

Now you see why we love our purple potatoes!