...some things are just not meant for                             human consumption

Ok,  you asked it.  Why?  Why the name change?  Why the menu change?  Why are we so passionate about this?  

Well unfortunately, a large part of the answer to those questions is ugly!  VERY Ugly!! This page is not here to scare anyone into eating cleaner.  It is not here to be a fear campaign to gain profits.  It is simply here for those who care and want to learn more about what goes into a majority of popular American food.  It is here to educate.  While it is debatable how bad many of these things actually are for you, there is no doubt that avoiding them won't hurt you.  So when it comes to YOU and YOUR FAMILY'S health, WE are going to play it safe.

Here are some links explaining why you won't find these items on our ingredients list

Our "competitors" 

They're Using What????

-Nitrates and nitrites

What The Heck Are Nitrates and Nitrites and Why Shouldn't I Eat Them?


What's Wrong With Soy?


Yummy Migraines for Everyone!

-high fructose corn syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup!!


What Is A GMO and Why Is It Not A Good Idea?

-"Natural Flavor"

"Natural Flavors"?????


Who Wants Another Glass of Nuero-toxins?

How It Became Legal!


Sawdust Tastes Best When You Add Cheese!